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The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light Hot

The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light
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January 10, 2011

A hands-on tool to harness the potential for spiritual growth surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012

• Includes 44 color divination cards and an in-depth guide

• Explains the Mayan divinatory meaning of each card’s symbol and their associated colors, herbs, ritual movements, and more

• Includes divinatory spreads, meditations, and exercises for insight and intuition

As the Mayan calendar comes to a close, we are entering into a time of great opportunity for spiritual growth and higher planetary consciousness. The ancient Maya foresaw this awakening and thus embedded within their archetypal symbols instructions for harnessing the energies activated during this transformational period. Forming a “language of light” that represents a bridge between physical and spiritual realities, these ancient symbols have the power to catalyze growth, change, and awareness. Interacting with these glyphs establishes a personal “resonance,” or direct communication with each of the symbols, creating a conduit through which to receive their galactic energies.

Conceived in a prophetic dream, The Mayan Oracle is composed of 44 cards--20 Mayan star-glyphs, 13 numbers, and 11 “lenses of the mystery”--along with an in-depth guidebook. Providing divinatory spreads, poetic meditations, and exercises for insight and intuition, the guide explains each symbol’s Mayan usage, divinatory meaning, and the attributes, elements, and items associated with them--from colors and herbs to ritual movements. Designed to stimulate the intuition, this oracle offers a way to interact with the Mayan archetypes in order to elevate your consciousness to a higher dimension and transform old ways of seeing, doing, and being.

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