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Victoria Boutenko

My new children's book, Green Smoothie Magic, helps young readers see veggies and greens in a whole new way.

Trae Jaxen

Happy Weekend to You,

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My intention for this book is two-fold:
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Margaret Placentra Johnston

Please check out my book, Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind. Published October, 2012 by Quest Books.

John Robinson

I'm especially interested in the spirituality of aging. My experience of aging has brought many surprises and I'm beginning to understand how progressive enlightenment may be one of the most exciting possibilities of getting old. I have just published two books on this them but don't really know how to get people interested. It seems that few what to talk about aging and fewer still consider agin

Michael Doss

So happy to be tooling around this treasure trove!

Sandi Buchanan

The Hawaiian Oracle Cards "Animal Spirit Guides from the Land of Light" by Rima A. Morrell PhD are not only full of the vibrancy that Hawaii has to offer, but brimming with spirit and love to all creatures on this planet. It is obvious also that much research was completed and the knowledge shared through the lessons these animals have for us is quite adventuresome and well guided. Each card has

Sandi Cornez

With the myriad choices in today's marketplace, how do you know what’s best to eat and how can you keep it as simple as possible?

I’ve been working on the answer to that for the past nine years—exploring and experimenting on my own and in consultation with a naturopathic doctor. I’ve had a lot of fun with it; I feel so much more in tune with myself personally; and I have a wealth of valuable, pro

Tony Masalta

IMHO this is the place & The Way to ignite the SACRED SPARK within by doing Artwork! Checkout Whitney Ferre retreat coming in May 2013 http://www.creativelyfit.com/wallowa.html

Cynthia Slon

Join me tonight for a dialolgue of a different kind. I will sharing the voice of those past from this century and others. Tune in at bbsradio.com, station 1, 8pm to Awakening Matters where messages, stories and hope streams forth as a collective group in continuum from the last show.

Joleen Halloran (Bridges)

Hi! New to the New Consciousness Review Community and looking to meet many new friends. Please send me a friend request so we can connect. I would love to hear from you. Blessings - Joleen

Barbara Puffin

Enjoying the learning curve in here. :-)

Haman Cross III

I am now again, involved in the uncertain reality of an evolved state of the concscious collective. Visited by Jung, reassured by Adler and comforted by Maslow's invitation to ascend. The nothingness that came before me is always a welcome return though the everything that beacons me forward promises only a newness undescribed, unknown and uncharted. I am ok with it. Doing what I am to do among ot

Allan G. Hunter

So why is it that so many of us seem to prefer the toe-stubbing method to feeling alive? And how can we reverse this? How can we choose what's good rather than what hurts?

Perhaps the first thing to do is be aware that there is an option; a real choice. Then we cannot go wrong.

Srini Chandra

I must be doing something wrong.. Not able to access any features like adding titles, etc. help! :-)

Peter Hughes

Looking for a publisher or help for a book on an integrated strategy for creating a more compassionate world and through this saving the enviornment. Any help would be much appreciated.

Linda West

Our natural intuitive connection which is our connection to Source will always guide you! We are taught to listen to others and fear.....but it is so simple 'ask for clarity 'ask for wisdom' 'ask for understanding' you are always connected and will always be guided. Do not let someone else tell You what is right or wrong....."about morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after

Frank Huguenard

See my complete trilogy of documentary films on Science & Spirituality at http://www.beyondmefilm.com

Allen Klein

Recently had my first audio book published—TeacherLaughs: Quips, Quotes, and Anecdotes about the Classroom. You can listen to five minutes Free at:

RJ Hamilton

I just recently finished the manuscript for the 4th in the Self Series, "Self Consequences." The details are on my website http://rjhamilton.webs.com/ you're welcome to take a look. :)

Len Saputo, MD

I have developed a new and very exciting website, www.doctorsaputo.com that has 1500 audio and video spots that provide personalized integrative approaches for specific health issues. Have a look at the home page and take the free survey (it will take under 4 minutes) and see what happens.