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Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson


Littlefield, TX -- "a unique opportunity to acquire a turn-key medium security detention center..."

A $5 Million Minimum Bid to Bail out a Town

The Bill Clayton Detention Center in Littlefield is on the auction block and will be sold to the highest bidder on Thursday, July 28th in a combination live and on-line auction. Today, the facility, built on speculation, stands empty. Buil
Dianne Collins

Dianne Collins

I love this website community because it truly highlights the fact of our emerging new consciousness and how many of us are working simultaneously and synergistically bringing it into our world. It is my Intent and my Vision that the illusory "great divide" vanishes, the "us and them" consciousness (if it can be called "conscious-ness") and that we live from a literal experience of our unitive, ho
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